Regarding E-mail Subscriptions

Quick clarification: if you subscribe to an e-mail via the forms on this site, you are (presently) signing up for my TinyLetter. I'm trying to update the site more regularly, but you'll mainly get e-mails for larger posts or when shit is going down.

What's actually happening when you submit the forms is that your e-mail goes into a bucket. I then dump that whole bucket into my subscribers on TinyLetter manually. There are all kinds of plugins to automatically do this and add new subs to Mailchimp but I've done enough programming not to trust that stuff: I decide what happens with the e-mails and frankly it's safer that way.

It also means that if y'all or myself get annoyed with TinyLetter, I can just up and move the subscriptions somewhere else.

Anyway, carry on.

Austin Lanari

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