In 2018 I had planned on coming out swinging with the blog and then found out I was moving to Los Angeles for work. I threw myself entirely into comics after I left grad school and couldn't find work and only felt like I could get back to talking about comics once I was in a rhythm. The beginning of 2018 was supposed to be that, and alas, two years came and went in between.

Luckily I got the opportunity to tweet angrily enough to make friends with a few people and end up writing about something I cared about – labor organizing in comics – for TCJ.

TCJ #304
Instead, my attention became focused on the fact that while some people involved were calling either explicitly for a union or implicitly for the benefits of organized employment as such, by-and-large, the narrative being pushed by Adams was one of independent contracting...

But that was... about all I had time for. I got approached to write for TCJ online and while I initially leaned into it, three years at this job – my first real job, I'd say – has been a learning experience in "you will never, as a matter of fact, feel settled in."

I've updated my personal website, this blog's software, and now I'm writing this post. I'm hoping I can trick myself into showing up more and making this a more lively space. I also might drag other people into my constantly re-decaying orbit to write some things here.

It's so hard to follow what anybody is doing when you don't have a twitter that the only recourse is to make them write for you instead. Right? We'll see.

At least acting like 2020 starts in March instead of January feels like a more genuine start.

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