Testing the Newsletter

I'm currently sprucing up the site, or at least some of how it works. Previously there's been some annoying fragmentation between e-mails and new posts. If you're seeing this in your e-mail inbox, you're subscribed to Fuck Up Some Comics newsletter e-mails, and you'll receive most posts by e-mail, never having to get tracked far and wide across the internet on the way to my content. Yay!

If you're seeing this on the site and you're not yet subscribed to e-mails, there will be a new subscription form sometime soon (I think I killed the old one when I was messing with this theme).

EDIT: You can now subscribe again at the bottom of any post or over in the sidebar thing.

This week I'm publishing a quick piece about a recent visit to the Oakland Museum of California (I won't e-mail that one, it's just some art ranting that I want to get out of my system) and then, I'm planning on a piece about some recent organizational efforts in the wake of the ECCC postponement.

I'm planning to be more active in 2020: I even remade my Twitter to try and keep an eye on things, although man, that site really sucks, and I don't plan on using it for anything other than reaching out to people and keeping an eye on all the artists who are in the shitty position of having no better place to plug their projects.

Stay tuned!

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