I just finished updating the blog to the newest version of Ghost in preparation for... I don't know... writing more about comics again?

I've been on a single project for way longer than usual, and not for the crappy reason of "I am dragging this out and just need to get my thoughts out" but instead for the reason of "oh my god nobody has written about this and all the questions I have are really hard and this is all a lot to remember and also MY LIFE."

The ghost update is pretty neat because it used to just be one big markdown editor (it's like being able to quickly write html stuff with emphasis or code snippets or image links without having to actualy write html), but now it's all a dynamic WYSIWYG editor where, paragraph by paragraph, you can pick the tool you want to use. So right now I'm using markdown, but in the next block of whatever, I don't have to.

This is html.

And apparently it can handle image galleries right now, which is something that's sorely missing from all the other weird blogging things I've been trying lately (for those who don't know, at https://jumanji.io/blog I am syndicating posts from my pleroma instance as an experiment and an excuse to procrastinate on my writing).

"Ok great what the fuck does this have to do with comics?"

... a lot? I don't know. More and more I'm trying to give my brain some space to breath with respect to how I view art and comics in paticular. And more and more I realize that the grossest disservice we have done vis-a-vis comics and the people who make them is to treat them as something distinctly separate from real life. You can draw a straight line from the kind of hardcore imagineering attitude that creators and many fans once had, in some form, towards the medium, to the current fact that comics is still stuck sitting in a corner where the fruits of its labor are in no way connected to the condition of its authors.

Multi-billion dollar movie franchises are now real-fucking-life, and in comics it's still just the case that you should be happy to be able to call yourself "the guy who wrote a story arc for one of the 13 X-books who is lucky his wife has healthcare."

So, I'm out here doing me, fucking around with blog platforms and Raspberry Pi's and distributed social networks and staying the FUCK off Twitter, for once, hoping that the comics will come to me out here in the real world.

It's not working. But it's kind of working.

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