Fuck Up Some Comics; or, Foggy at Best; or, "Fog" Up Some Comics; or, Retcon Rasengan--

I have a branding issue. And an attention span issue.

My name is Austin Lanari and I love:

  1. Good comics.
  2. Comics that challenge my conception of what comics can be.

I've been trying to build a site to host my comic writing, but being a professional web developer who really likes his job, I keep getting carried away building the site and then I never actually write anything.

This site will be a stable, happy home for my writing about comics, with a mission of centering artists. There is a lot of compelling work being done right now in comics which is deserving of attention, support, and genuine engagement, and I want to put a dent into it in 2018.

I'm not here to get a job in comics. I'm not here to flip my writing so that I can get paid to review individual episodes of Netflix originals. While I hope my voice comes through in whatever I write here or anywhere, I think a big shift is needed in the culture surrounding independent comics and that it needs to be holistic: from the people that make them to the people that buy them to the people that write about them.

I can't say every single thing I write will move the ball in the right direction (especially if I write about any of the dozens of manga where the creators are working themselves to death), but one of the main goals of this site is to try my damndest to figure out--even if it's just for myself--how we can talk about comics in a way that really lifts up the work these people are doing in a way that is meaningful to the conditions of those very same people.

Let's get to it.