If you want to e-mail me with details about any goings on in the comic world--especially labor-y things like work-for-hire contracts, book deals, or anything else you'd like to see the light of day that may or may not be confidential but is definitely of interest--e-mail me at [email protected].

I encourage you to encrypt any e-mails containing sensitive information by using my PGP key. My PGP Fingerprint: E367 81A0 9018 CAD4 24A5 E3A5 5572 CC1A A449 C6E6. Here's a link to the whole public key. If you do not know how to encrypt e-mail, give it a google and try to find a quick learning resource that works for you. I personally use either my own mail client or Thunderbird, though that can be spotty. I strongly recommend encrypting anything containing information that you agreed to keep confidential: it is worth it to learn how to do this.

For day-to-day contact, you can reach me at that e-mail address, or on the dated but still rad Jabber/XMPP service where I'm [email protected].

If you have trouble getting a hold of me, you can also reach me at [email protected]. I encourage you to make a tutanota account if you have sensitive info to send as it makes it easy to send encrypted e-mails without any of the above shenanigans.